Olympic Equestrian Rider

The Equestrian sport of Three Day Eventing requires the poise of a ballerina combined with the strength and determination of a Roman Gladiator.

When you are doing the sport at an international level and combining it with a day job of managing the livestock enterprise on the family farm it is inevitable that I end up stiff and sore through my back. This is definitely not conducive to elite level performance.

Since I have discovered The Posturepole it has made a huge difference to dealing with a stiff sore back in an easy, time efficient and cheap way.

Just 5 minutes on the pole and I can feel my whole body from neck to hips opening up. It is very relaxing.

I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is interested in an easy non painful way to improve their comfort and performance.

Sonja Johnson
Olympic Silver Medalist Beijing 2008



Long Distance Cyclist
If you are like me, and riding serious miles and even more serious hills, then you’ll find the Posturepole an absolute godsend. I’ve found that after many hours in the saddle the Posturepole helps straighten me out and ease the aches and pains so I can do it all again tomorrow.

It has been a welcome addition to my daily schedule as the Crohn’s Crusaders ready ourselves to complete the 3,500 km 2009 Tour de France route and in doing so raise awareness and monies for research into Crohns Disease.

Damian Watson
‘wannabee cyclist’
South Melbourne, Australia


Damian Watson came up with the idea of the Crohns Crusaders as a personal challenge where he has set out to ride the 3500 km of the world’s most famous Tour de France, and do so in a way that supports a worthy cause; Crohn’s Disease, an illness that he has experienced personally.

Damian and his crew aim to complete all the 21 stages of Le Tour in the weeks before the ‘real cyclists’ take the road. That’s a gutsy effort for anyone whose real job takes place behind a desk!

You can follow the ‘Crusaders’ adventures by visiting www.thecrusaders.com.au

Marathon Kayakers

After being in a kayak for between two & ten hours of racing there is nothing better than lying on a Posturepole!

Our Posturepole is an invaluable piece of equipment for the Murray Marathon, a five day 404km event held between Christmas and New Year. It helps to put our shoulders back where they should be, after reaching forward with the kayak paddle all day. The Posturepole also helps our back alignment and is great for relaxation.

We have recently completed the Hawkesbury Classic, a 111km overnight race on the Hawkesbury River. We used the Posturepole after all our training sessions and lead-up races.

This year we raced a K4 and set a record for the K4 Mixed Veteran 40 plus division. We were the fastest mixed team on the night and will be awarded the Jenny Barnes Perpetual Trophy.

Merridy & Warren Huxley
Marathon Kayakers




Winning HCC K4 team: Warren Huxley, Merridy Huxley, Bernie Craggs & Marg Cook

Australian Mountain Bike Magazine







Amateur Baseballer

Throwing in from the outfield used to give me a lot of arm and shoulder pain. In fact, after most games, my arm would literally burn and I’d lose all strength.
All of that changed with the Posturepole™. It has made a world of difference. The pain was gone and my strength has returned. My arm even feels stronger than it was a few years ago. Its great!

Mr S.

Back Pain Sufferer

My friend bought one from you and she lent it to me to try. I have arthritis in my back, probably from years of gymnastics, and I need to ‘crack’ it by leaning back over the edge of a table every morning and throughout the day in the office.

I tried the Posturepole™ on Monday night and when I woke yesterday my back didn’t need to be “cracked” and so I ordered one straight away. I also felt a little taller and my back felt “lighter” and it didn’t get sore and stiff during the day.

I can almost not believe it myself!

Clerical staff of Perth WA

Call Centre Staff

I work in a Call Centre and by the end of the day I would often feel a headache coming on. My neck and shoulders would feel tense and there would be a burning between my shoulder blades.
Since using the Posturepole™, I don’t let it get that way. Once I get home, five minutes on the pole and that muscle tension goes and I feel a much happier person. For me, the Posturepole™ has been terrific.

Warren of Knox VIC


No matter how I adjust my bike I can still get achy sore muscles across my neck and shoulders – it just comes with the cycling posture.
Instead of suffering like I used to, I now use the Posturepole™. It is relaxing and quickly gets rid of that stiffness and soreness – after a few minutes stretch, I feel taller and look straighter.
So rather than the pain, its the enjoyment of the ride and the good times spent with friends that I now remember.

Belinda of Templestowe VIC

Dizziness & Neck Pain Sufferer

I just want to tell you how much the Posturepole™ has had a huge positive effect on my whole well-being. I have only been using it for about 10 days and already I feel an enormous difference/relief in my neck and lower back. I have been suffering from severe dizziness due to neck, back and ear problems for about five years. (I work with special needs children and this involves me lifting, bending etc.) The posture pole has been fantastic for stretching out my spine at the end of the day and relaxing all those tired and stressed out muscles.

Teacher Aide of Ringwood VIC

Health Professionals

Patients are loving them, especially my posturally challenged desk bound workers.

Sandra Winterbottom
Physiotherapist of Penrith NSW

The idea is so simple yet the results are terrific. The Posturepole™ satisfies a genuine need and with regular use my patients feel much, much better.

Dr Paul Staerker
Chiropractor of Burswood WA

My husband has tried it and found it to be extremely relaxing to lie on, especially after a long day at the computer desk. It is a bit uncomfortable at the start, but once you settle into it, your whole spine just seems to melt away into complete relaxation. For my teenage son, it has certainly started to help him becoming more aware of his kyphotic posture and he is combining the stretching on the Posturepole™ with postural exercises. I certainly will be recommending it to other clients and friends.

Thanks again for such a wonderful product!

Christine Phan
Physiotherapist of East Malvern VIC

I provide care and advice to many people who suffer from poor balance and an overly sensitive nervous system. Over the past year I have been recommending the Posturepole™ and have found it to be a terrific help for many patients. It gently quietens things down, relieves irritable tight muscles and offers my patients something they can do at home to control their symptoms.

The Posturepoles are safe, effective and my patients swear by them.

Dr Paul Noone
Chiropractic Neurologist of Hampton VIC

I have had nothing but good feedback from my patients who use the Posturepole™.
It’s simple and it works.

Fergus Tilt
Physiotherapist of Mosman NSW

The feedback we are getting from those who use the Posturepole™ is great. They report “lasting longer between adjustments” as their neck and thoracic discomfort
is lessened.

Some of their pains have been present for years because of long hours in front of a computer, or on a bicycle. We suggest the posture pole to those clients who have an increased thoracic kyphosis, head forwards posture which is accompanied by persisting pain in the region.

Dr Peter Bryner
Chiropractor & Associate Professor, Burswood WA

Posturepole™ backs up our philosophy osteopathically on anterior tightness throughout the thorax and its implications for your overall health. Best of all it is a passive relaxing easy way for our patients to achieve compliance in this goal. A real success for our patients!

Peter Parker
Registered Osteopath, Heidelberg Victoria


Postural recovery with the pole after kayaking is great. I can really feel the lengthening in my spine and the relaxation of my neck muscles. I also find a good chest and shoulder stretch by having my arms out to the side at right angles to my body.

Whitewater Raft Guide New Zealand


One day I was looking at my son and I realised how much he was slumping and how a head forward posture looks unsightly and unhealthy.
Using the Posturepole™ seemed to help him straighten up his rounded shoulders. What’s more, he doesn’t seem to mind using it all.

Mrs B.

Piano Teacher

It may not look all that physical, but when you spend hours in a slightly turned position concentrating while teaching the piano, your neck and shoulders can really tighten up.
I have found the Posturepole™ to be effective and convenient. After five minutes, my shoulders quickly relax and become comfortable. I don’t reallly enjoy exercise but I do enjoy the quiet time relaxing on the Posturepole™.

Mrs A.

Vision Impaired Office Worker

I can’t see how I look, so I have no visual reminders to straighten up, and by the time I realise I have been slouching, my muscles are really burning.
For me, the Posturepole™ has made a huge difference. It helps stretch out my upper back and the muscles across the front of the chest, easing the muscle tension helps me sleep.

Mr H.