If you ride a bike then you are going to find that over time you are going to feel a few twinges.

Problems like back pain, some neck pain maybe a bit of shoulder pain or feelings of tightness down your arms and into your hands.

Now that isn’t a reason to give up bike riding you just need to understand that the way bikes are designed is to get the maximum power down to the pedals with the least wind resistance.

But the leaning forward over the handlebars position to achieve that isn’t good for the back and neck.

You see your head is designed to be held upright yet when you get on a bike you lean forward and then it boils down to physics;

Your head weighs about 4.5 to 5.5KG or 8 to 12lbs and for every couple of cms you lean forward you DOUBLE the load on the muscles of your neck, shoulders and upper back.

Now if your spine is designed to carry the weight of your head in the normal position, and you double and treble the load, and hold that position for hours, then there is going to be some reaction; basically something has to give.

I discovered a solution!

Now if you don’t do anything about it then you may end up with some real problems.
And as a chiropractor I have seen guys and girls who had become pretty reluctant to ride their bikes because of the pain that they were getting, which is what made me investigate it and come up with a solution (read more).

It’s what I call a Posturepole™.

We tested all sorts of shapes before coming up with a simple design, about a metre long and as thick as your forearm. You put it on the floor and you relax out on it for 5-10 minutes. There are full instructions included on this website (read more).

What is does is gently stretch your spine, straighten things out and relax the tight muscles to overcome all the problems you have created for yourself from that head forward riding position.

There are thousands of satisified Posturepole™ users

We’ve tested it and now there are thousands of bike riders who swear by it – they use it. From people who ride competitively at a high level to guys and girls who just like to pedal around often travelling fairly fast over long distances on weekends.
There is more information and details on the website but the thing you need you do is to order your Posturepole™ and that’s as easy as clicking on the ‘Order Online’ and it may help take the pain away so you can enjoy being on your bike.

So if you have any sort of symptoms coming on from riding your bike, it might be pins and needles in the fingers, sore arms and shoulders, sore neck.

Then I’d suggest that you do something to nip it in the bud right now. Get yourself a Posturepole™ to insure that you can continue riding comfortably.