The PosturePole™ is the invention of Australian chiropractor Dr Bruce Scott. The PosturePole™ helps relieve neck, shoulder and upper back pain coming from a forward head posture. It also encourages more comfortable upright posture.

The original idea came after Dr Scott had started cycling with some friends and they complained about back pain after a ride. He closely examined what was happening and saw an opportunity to apply some of the knowledge from Post Graduate Studies in Rehabilitation. In particular using approaches favoured by the Prague School of Rehabilitation where specialists focused on body postures and breathing and how a person's muscle tension can change when they are placed in different positions.

Vital to the development of the PosturePole™ were Scott’s observations of the Brugger Relaxation Position and a rehabilitation approach called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization.

The Brugger Relaxation Position was developed by Professor Brugger, a Swiss occupational specialist. He saw the need to address postural problems that arose as a result of the way office workers sat while at a desk. The Professor discovered that he could safely and reliably switch off the tight postural muscles by placing the person in certain postures. Read more

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) was developed at the Prague School of Rehabilitation by Professor Pavel Kolar. It was based upon an understanding of how infants develop so they can stabilize their body and move. This approach emphasizes correct alignment of spinal and extremity joints, positioning of the diaphragm muscle and ribcage, and learning how to properly control patterns of movement.

Dr Scott recognized that the forward-head cycling posture applied a significant ‘postural load’ on a person's spine, and that using the PosturePole™ essentially reverses the position that makes those muscles tight, in much the same way as the Brugger position.

The special shape of the PosturePole™ was created to respect the DNS approach of Professor Kolar. Having the spine supported in a level, neutral position eases pressure from the surrounding muscles. This allows the shoulders to comfortably relax, the ribcage to move downwards and the diaphragm to become better positioned.

What was pleasantly surprising was that many people found that the tension relieving effect of lying upon the PosturePole™ to be very helpful and relaxing. And there were other advantages; a heightened sense of upright posture, lower abdominal breathing and a feeling of ease and calm associated with the PosturePole™ use.

From humble beginnings in an Australian Chiropractic clinic the PosturePole™ has grown to attract many satisfied users from around the world.

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